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Televascular International Games

meets ML CTO Course with the support of Incathlab and Vascupedia

Chronic Aorto-iliac occlusion: on site Planning competition

Brussels, BELGIUM

May 6th 2023
8.00 - 9.00 am


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  • The format will be a 1-hour competition on sizing and planning a challenging chronic aorto iliac occlusion. 

  • Competitors start planning from an anonymized CTA, available after the registration along with a standard template, the possible treatment of a chronic aorto iliac occlusion. 

  • They hypothesise materials, steps, accesses, bailout-strategies, medical treatment, follow-up strategy; a deep discussion is enhanced by panelists as well as by the audience onsite during the Congress Multi-Level CTO COURSE Endovascular May 6th 2023 - Brussels, BELGIUM.

The competitors will be selected - by Prof. Torsello and Dr. Chisci, on the basis of 5 different features: 


  1. originality (0-10 points), 

  2. choice of materials (0-10 points) 

  3. procedural steps (0-10 points), 

  4. planning skills (0-10 points), 

  5. global vision of the disease (0-10 points)


The 3 best scored competitors will be granted to participate directly at the final event in Brussels with a 7-minutes presentation of their case resolution. 


The winner will be voted by the audience at the Congress.

The award will be a 4 weeks-travel grant to the European Center chosen by the winner.


This innovative educational project is of great interest for the young vascular community and an opportunity for a young surgeon to travel to one major European vascular center.





Stefano Michelagnoli
Emiliano Chisci

Prof. Giovanni Torsello

In collaboration with: 


Submission deadline: 31st January 2023 

Please send your filled template to:

Selection of the cases: February

Announcement of the 3 winners: Beginning of March


Free registration

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